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ODM eBook Version.

Available on Any Device, Readable Everywhere Digitally.

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Know Your Mobile Device Type. Example:- Windows Phone, Blackberry, Kindle, or Apple iPhone 

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Ensure To Install the e-reader App software for your type of phone or device. Some stores will prompt you to download the e-reader automatically or already pre-installed on your device once you are placing order for ODM. Apple has pre-installed iBooks app. You can download Kobo books e-readers unto your apple device as well assuming you are ordering from Kobo Books Store. Barnes & Noble store already have e-readers that works on any device. Kindle e-readers can be downloaded from Amazon. Google e-readers are available for android devices. A Device can host several e-readers depending on flexibility. Apple Store provides e-readers only for apple devices same applies to Google Store for Android devices. If you order from our Paypal Store link or via bank deposit, we will work with you to get ODM eBook version working on your device.

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Visit this website and order the ODM eBook version for your type of device from the list of options highlighted above. Still confused, send us your device type as you place order and we will send you the appropriate ODM eBook version for your device after payment confirmation via Paypal or bank transfer.